Thursday, March 11, 2010

Putnam County Elementary Art Fair

We are so proud of Alivia, one of her art projects was choosen for the Putnam County Elementary Art Fair. Liv was so excited to be a part of the fair and we were so proud of her!!! Although she did not win she is a winner in our hearts. Congrats to the winners of Mountain View, Go Mountain Lions!!!

Here's Liv and two of her friends that were also choosen, Layla and Savannah.

There was one more from Liv's class choosen but not pictured Rachel.


  1. I check by chance and I am so proud of you Mis!!! Alivia is definitely a "Winner" in our eyes, what is wrong with those Judges????? She is such a precious "Angel" and boy does she look like you at that age!!! We are proud of you Livi. Love you with all our hearts - Mamaw D and Papaw R

  2. YEA! YEA! YEA! I am so excited just to see that sweet girls face not to mention that we have a budding artist! She is gorgeous and tell her aunt Sissy can't wait to squeeze her in two!!! LOVE YOU!

  3. I too was checking your blog just by chance there was something new. What a wonderful morning surprise to see Miss Livi's beautiful smiling face. Congratulations Livi. Love and you miss you all!

  4. Checkin by chance and so happy that I did..I was wondering what her picture looked like...she is quite the artist and ALWAYS a winner in my eyes! Way to go Livi Im so proud of you!