Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!!
I have always know how lucky I have been to have such a strong caring loving role model to look up to, my dad is the greatest dad!!! Now I look at Alivia and how she looks up at Jason with that sparkle in her eyes, and I know she will one day have those same feelings and realize how lucky she is to have such a wonderful man as her father. Liv is a DaDa's girl!!!

Happy Fathers Day to the greatest Dad and role model, I love you!!!

Now my baby bro is a dad, and what a great dad he is!!! Little E is one lucky little fellow!!!

Today was Jason's 31st Birthday. We made a scavenger hunt for him to find his presents, Liv's idea. I made dinner and mom, dad, Mary, and Dale came over to help us celebrate. We all LOVE you babe!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (and Jason did get his WII for his birthday present before mom and dad left we had a bowling match between Jason, Liv, dad, and myself, and dad beat us all.)

Happy Birthday Jason!!! We LOVE You!!!


  1. Happy B-day Jas! We love you here in the ATL too! I'm curious...did Liv start trash talkin' immediately or did she give you a little time to practice!

  2. OMG, that pict of Jason and Liv is awesome!
    You can tell she sure loves her Daddy!
    Mis, you are sooo blessed to have an awesome, God sent Daddy for your precious little Angel!